A creative Ramadan for the artistic soul

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Wed, 2024-04-03 12:48

JEDDAH: Ramadan is the month when some people are not only spiritually and religiously invigorated, but also find renewed creative energy.

Arab News prepared a list of art cafes and studios around the Kingdom that offer the space and tools to aspiring artists and creative minds to practice different art media.

Arty Cafe

Whether you want to paint, draw, sculpt, or do pottery, Arty Cafe has got you covered. The cafe provides guests with the tools, space, and hot beverages to unleash their creativity.

When contemplation has inspired creativity or you want a good time with loved ones, cafes and spaces like Hayy Jameel, Axes Café and Lift Studio among others offer artistic workshops and retreats for various ages. (Supplied)
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