A theatrical tribute to Umm Kulthum

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Mon, 2023-03-13 20:34

DHAHRAN: This month, the lush Ithra Theater in Dhahran has been transporting guests to Egypt’s glamorous 1960s. Elegantly-draped guests end each night with a standing ovation for “Umm Kulthum and the Golden Era,” an artfully created show that pays homage to the unforgettable and melodious Egyptian singing legend.

For Mona Khashoggi, inviting the audience in is just like welcoming people into her own home. The art show is a passion project born out of her nostalgic love for the iconic singer.

The ‘Umm Kulthum and the Golden Era’ theatrical production at the Ithra Theater in Dhahran depicts the legendary singer’s challenging journey towards becoming a musical star. (Supplied)
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