Boulevard World brings together 10 countries for Riyadh Season

RIYADH: Riyadh Season’s Boulevard World zone, which opened this week, brings together the cultures of 10 countries in a single location on the largest artificial lake in the world.

Visitors can learn about different cultures across the world through several sub-zones inspired by Morocco, China, Italy, France, India, Spain, America, Japan, Greece and Mexico.

For both families and individuals, Boulevard World is a premier entertainment destination, featuring a host of experiences, including rides in hot air balloons, submarines and boats.

It has the largest man-made lake in the world, where boats can travel between cities through 11 stations.

It also offers the Area 15 experience from Las Vegas; The Sphere, the biggest spherical theater in the world; a city for game fans; comic book and anime-themed activities; and plenty of family-friendly entertainment options.

Visitors can enjoy a ride in a Venetian gondola, taste American cuisine, stroll through live Hollywood shows, shop for the best Spanish products, and watch flamenco shows.

Abdullah Al-Jamhan, a visitor at Boulevard World, said that this zone is one of his favorites so far.

“This Riyadh Season went truly above and beyond. I didn’t imagine it would be so attentive to detail. It is like I traveled around the world in a few hours,” he said.

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