Design codes launched for Riyadh’s giant Sports Boulevard

MAKKAH: The urban design code for Riyadh’s Sports Boulevard project on Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Road has been revealed.

The board of directors of the Sports Boulevard Foundation, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, announced the launch after an earlier decision to create a unified design code for the project.

The 135-kilometer-long boulevard, with an estimated area of more than 2.3 million square meters, aims to promote the physical, psychological and social health of residents as well as visitors. It will include green spaces covering an estimated 4.4 million square meters.

Chairman of the Real Estate National Committee of Saudi Chambers Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Marshad told Arab News: “The importance of the Sports Boulevard project resides in the fact that it is one of Riyadh’s four major projects launched by King Salman within the framework of achieving one of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims at raising Riyadh’s ranking among the cities of the world. This Boulevard encourages the citizens to adopt healthy movement patterns and motivates them to practice various sports. 

The Chairman of the Real Estate National Committee of Saudi Chambers, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Marshad.

“The code aims at establishing a local identity and implementing the principles of Salmani architecture,” he added.

The Salmani architecture style is distinguished by its vitality and flexibility. It implores architects and planners to innovate within the confines of a unique Saudi architectural tradition, drawing inspiration and simulating the past in renewed forms.

Al-Marshad said that the project will also provide diverse housing developments to promote the sector and stimulate development, all while following energy sustainability standards.

He added: “The code seeks to achieve a number of positive aspects that are important to the residents and the region, including raising the quality of architectural and urban designs to boost the attractiveness as well as economic efficiency of the city, and investment environment, while also stimulating the housing sector by providing new and diverse housing patterns.

“It establishes additional pedestrian paths within the residential neighborhoods and stimulates development according to standards that achieve sustainability as well as save energy.”

Eng. Bandar Al-Maarik, a Riyadh real estate investor and developer, told Arab News: “The Sports Boulevard Foundation has announced the design code of Riyadh’s Sports Boulevard, which is a destination meant to attract pedestrians, sports bike enthusiasts and horseback riders, along with creative people and artists, to a space dedicated to investment.”

According to Al-Maarik, the Sports Boulevard will include eight main districts: the Arts District, Wadi Al-Yasen District, Entertainment District, Athletics District, Eco District, Wadi Al-Sulai District, Sand Sports Park and Wadi Hanifah District.

“The announcement of this code confirms the wise leadership’s ongoing support of big investment opportunities for real estate investors inside and outside the Kingdom,” he added.

Al-Maarik said: “The implementation of this code will positively impact the properties located within the vicinity of the Sports Boulevard and create great opportunities for young Saudi men and women, whether they are engineers, architects or entrepreneurs, in terms of investment, employment and professional opportunities.”

The Sports Boulevard Foundation has allocated a website ( for beneficiaries and owners of real estate within the project’s designs. The site shows the objectives, standards and requirements of the urban design code, as well as the mechanisms of its application.

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