Opposites attract as artists explore beauty in Diriyah exhibition

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Fri, 2024-05-10 21:39

RIYADH: In Shashai Studio’s latest exhibition, “Delicacy of Dualities,” seven artists and one creative studio from the Kingdom explore the theme “intricate dance of opposites”.

The exhibition in Diriyah’s Jax District showcases a series of thought provoking artworks and installations from artists Nada Al-Ali, Maan Alabbadi, Nouf Alsharif, Rasha Saddiq, Abdullah Al-Bugami, Eida Alzahrani, Ahmad Haddad, and Makhtut Studio.

The exhibition in Diriyah’s Jax district showcases a series of thought-provoking artworks and installations from several artists. (Supplied)
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