Russian fashion consultant living in Riyadh celebrates Saudi golden age

RIYADH: The Saudi fashion market is gold according to Karina Komill, a Russian fashion consultant living in the capital.

Komill, who has been in the Kingdom for the past six years and began her career in the luxury aviation industry, is certain that this period is significant in Saudi history and is glad to be in the Kingdom to be a part of events and watch them unfold. 

“I could say that I am in the time when we create a story and I’m really blessed to be here and remember this part of my life and history … because of the evolution of fashion which is happening and also the evolution which is happening in life, it’s great,” she said.

Komill sees strong potential for local talent in the industry, for creators to make their mark in the global market and compete with international brands. She sees that local designers are creating worldwide apparel with an Arabic touch that is distinctive. 

“It is easy to understand, from which region they are from, like beautiful dresses with stones, and to share the experience. When you see the dresses, you can feel that you visit Saudi Arabia or when you wear it, you can understand that you are a princess,” she said.

Komill said that in her experience the industry was world recognised yet reflected the cultural heritage of the sub-regions of Saudi Arabia.

“Well, OK, let’s say evolution of fashion. Before it all was maximum full makeup, even if it’s daytime, a lot of stones. Now, girls are creating something minimal, something classy, which they can wear to work with a beautiful tarhah (head scarf). Of course, going out, dresses completely changed, and some of the designers become worldwide well-known. So I think this is a big step for Saudi fashion,” she said.

Komill has been a cover model for Vogue Arabia, Hia, and Glamor Magazine. She is also a singer and has performed many songs in Tajik, her native language, and sang the anthem for FC Istiklol, a professional football club in Tajikistan. 

She is active on social media, creating content about Saudi Arabia in Russian to educate her audience.

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