Saudi aid agency continues health, food projects in Yemen

RIYADH: Mobile medical nutrition clinics of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center provided treatment services for 37,883 patients in Yemen’s Hodeidah Governorate in one month.

The services included clinics for epidemiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, reproductive health, nutritional therapy, immunization, obstetrics, awareness and education, surgery and surgical dressing.

Clinics provided 14,100 prescriptions to patients. Through further services, 28 people were referred to the medical referral department, 5,950 people were referred to the laboratory department, 3,177 people benefited from the awareness and education department and 5,607 people benefited from a range of healthcare services.

KSrelief has implemented 708 projects in Yemen at a cost of more than $4 billion.

The blood transfusion department received 52 people in addition to admitting 8 patients.

Al-Jada Health Center outlets in Hajjah Governorate also provided treatment to 18,851 people in one month through the support of KSrelief.

The services come as part of the Kingdom’s efforts, represented by KSrelief, to improve the capacities of the health sector in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the center recently distributed almost 75 tons of food baskets to displaced and needy families in Hodeidah Governorate, benefiting 4,200 people.

The effort came as part of the Saudi food security project, which aims to distribute more than 192,000 food baskets to needy and affected families across 15 Yemeni governorates.

Yemen is among the top beneficiaries of KSrelief assistance. The center has implemented 708 projects in Yemen at a cost of more than $4 billion.

Its programs include food security, water sanitation and hygiene, health, education, emergency aid, nutrition, protection, early recovery, logistics and telecommunications.

Worldwide, KSrelief has implemented 2,025 projects worth almost $6 billion in 80 countries. The initiatives have been carried out in cooperation with 175 local, regional and international partners since the inception of the center in May 2015.

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