Saudi authorities shut down 74 health facilities for violating COVID-19 safety rules

The Saudi Ministry of Health temporarily closed 74 medical institutions for violating COVID-19 safety rules as part of over 300,000 field inspections conducted over the first half of 2022, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Thursday.

Violators forced to shut were four hospitals, 43 medical centers, five pharmacies and 22 other establishments.  

Over 6,600 health facilities were also fined, including 729 hospitals, 2310 medical centers, 2,754 pharmacies, and 833 other healthcare facilities.

The ministry urged health providers and practitioners to comply with COVID-19 precautionary measures. Violators face up to $80,000 fines, facility closure and license suspension for up to two years.

“Through field inspection visits, the ministry aims to ensure health facilities are complying with COVID-19 precautionary measures to curb the spread of the pandemic and safeguard public health,” the SPA statement read.

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