Saudi Transport Authority launches multilingual truck driver guide 

RIYADH: The Saudi Public Transport Authority has issued a new guide for truck drivers in three different languages: Arabic, English and Urdu.

The guide contains instructions on safety conditions, general requirements, important skills and drivers’ rights.

The guide raises awareness about public safety requirements through 11 sections. 

It leads truck drivers through vehicle checks, dimensional and weight checks, vehicle control, planning, monitoring while driving, sharing roads with other drivers, and speed management throughout their journey.

The guide can be downloaded through the authority’s website,

The Saudi Transport Authority plans to make transport vehicle regulations and public safety requirements readily accessible. It also aims to ensure the transport of safe goods between cities.

The guide has been issued soon after the authority signed an agreement to develop the legislative and regulatory environment for land, sea and rail transport activities in the Red Sea region. It aims to provide services according to the best international standards and models through the use and employment of modern technology to improve transportation options.

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