Speciality cafe Shotted is bringing quintessential Saudi hospitality to Washington D.C.

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Mon, 2023-11-13 22:49

JEDDAH: A Saudi speciality cafe has become a favorite meeting spot for Saudi and Arab residents as well as locals in the busy Tysons Corner Center of Washington, D.C. They come together there to enjoy the rich flavors of Saudi coffee and treat themselves to traditional pastries.

Bandar Al-Henaki, founder of Shotted, said: “It is not just a cafe; it’s a gateway to Saudi culture. I wanted to bring a piece of Saudi Arabia to the US, to introduce Americans to the authentic taste of Saudi coffee.”

Representing the Kingdom in the US, Shotted organizes special celebrations such as Saudi National Day, Saudi Founding Day, and Ramadan season. (Instagram/shottedwith)
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